We offer a wide range of glass related services for cars, trucks and vans.

Windshield Replacement

  • Quality glass that has the correct fit with quality moldings
  • Full range of Sika brand urethane products that are correct for temperature and humidity and assure quick drive away times. Our urethanes are non-conductive to assure that electrical components function properly. Many cars have defrost systems and antennas for radios, remote starts, gps, keyless entry and on-star systems. Using cheap urethane can disrupt the effectiveness of these systems.
  • Primer is applied to the car body to deter rust and assure urethane adhesion.

Power Window Repair

We have extensive experience with power window systems for just about any vehicle. We can often diagnose a problem over the phone but are happy to do a full diagnosis at no charge. Most parts available new or used at a fraction of the cost for repair at the dealership.

  • Replacement and repair of window regulators.
  • Power window motor replacement or repair.
  • We rebuild power window switches.
  • Wires. Many cars have inherent wiring problems. Don’t assume you have a bad motor. Let us check it our for free. Most wire repairs are about $25.

Tempered door glasses, back glasses, vents and quarters

  • All broken glass cleaned out of the car and the door to assure smooth operation, no rattles and no plugged drain holes.
  • Glass installed as per factory with proper rivets, screws and fasteners.
  • Door panels replaced precisely and tight to the door.